Thank you for taking the time to download the 64-8 Form. All at Parizma look forward to working closely with you.

What this authority and signing this form means:

For matters other than VAT or tax credits

After signing HMRC will start sending letters relating to you or your business to us your Accountant (agent) and give us access to your account information online. Sometimes HMRC will need to correspond with you as well as, or instead of, us your Accountant (agent).

HMRC latest information on Self Assessment forms can be found on or phone the Self Assessment Helpdesk on 0300 200 3310.

You will not receive your Self Assessment Statements of Account if you authorise us to receive them instead, but paying any amount due will be your responsibility and we will notify you of any amount outstanding.

HMRC do not send National Insurance statements and requests for payment to us (your agent) unless you have asked HMRC to defer payment.

For VAT and tax credits:

HMRC will continue to send correspondence to you rather than to us (your agent) but they will be dealing with us (your agent) in writing or by phone on specific matters. If we submit VAT returns online on your behalf, you will need to authorise us to do so through the HMRC website, we will assist you in doing that if you are VAT registered. For joint tax credit claims, HMRC will need both claimants to sign the authority to enable HMRC to deal with us (your agent).